Sunderland University
Christian Union

  Mondays  7pm

Meet outside City Space - Sunderland University

What is a CU?

The Christian Union, or CU for short, is simply a group of Christians from the university who want to share their love of Jesus with our campuses. As a group, we meet each week to support and encourage each other as we are reminded of the Gospel. When we meet up, we can chat and have a laugh with each other. As a community gathered around the Gospel, we then go out together with the Gospel through relationships and a series of creative and engaging events spread across the academic year.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to spread the Gospel into our university. We believe that the word of God should be told to students on our campuses and that we, as students, should spread that word.

Our Values?

  • Confident in the Truth: understanding, celebrating and defending the truth of the gospel.
  • Urgent in evangelism: creative, engaging and persuasive proclamation of Christ crucified.
  • Passionate about unity: gathering and uniting all Christians around the essential truths of the gospel.
  • Committed to the local church: believing it is the primary and life long place of Christian ministry and discipleship.
  • Motivated by grace: rejoicing in our salvation, serving one another and loving the lost.
  • Generous in world mission: endeavoring to give and send so as to reach the students of the world.